The Families Director is responsible for leading the family ministries of the church to help connect families to its vision and mission.

Our vision is a Los Angeles where every person has experienced the life-changing power of the gospel.

Our mission is to help the people of Los Angeles know Jesus, to grow in faith, and to go into the world equipped to serve.


Ministry of Families and Prayer / (10%)

Prepare content for sermon-based, gospel-centered family ministries*

Pray regularly for gospel transformation in our congregation and city

Oversee experience(s) for weekly God-centered family ministries*

Protect and support the theological boundaries of the church

Create the annual family ministries* calendar and share with Lead Pastor

*Responsible ministries are noted in the “Reporting Structure” below

Church Leadership / (70%)

Support the Lead Pastor in his overall direction for ministries in the church

Lead volunteer teams, bringing alignment in our vision, mission, objectives, and doctrine*

Oversee volunteer team performance in setting and achieving ministry goals*

Support the Lead Pastor in maintaining volunteer descriptions, implementing volunteer review processes, and managing volunteer onboarding*

Inspire volunteer teams to carry out the vision and mission*

Meaningfully contribute in Staff meetings:

All Staff

Service Planning

Direct Report

Build and foster strategic partnerships inside and outside the church

*Responsible teams are noted in the “Reporting Structure” below

Pastoral and Discipleship / (15%)

Pastor the congregation through meetings, counseling, weddings, visitations, and funerals

Personally disciple members of the church

Champion faithful membership and the discipleship pathway including:

Regularly attend Sunday services

Participate in a Community Group

Serve the church, city, and world

Support the church financially

Personal Growth and Administration / (5%)

Attend relevant conferences/workshops for the benefit of personal and professional growth

Oversee proper execution of all ministry department administration, logistics, and budget

Submit reports as needed to church leadership and to organizations outside the church (ie - Elder updates, Mandatory Reporting, etc.)

Maintain compliance with all church policies and procedures

Achieve ministry growth markers year-over-year

Other responsibilities as needed


Must be a church member

Must demonstrate a strong and growing Christian faith


Reports To: Lead Pastor

Oversees: PreK-12th


Full-Time, Exempt


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Apply through the Slingshot Group for next steps and someone from their team will be in touch with you.