With Jesus as our example, we are honored to lead, guide, and sacrifice for the Risen Church Westside community.

  • Leah Murphy

    Originally from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Leah loves a good view, an occasional rain storm, and is very particular about music (and usually coffee). Leah is passionate about helping Risen Church Westside happen every Sunday and during the week. Leah and her husband Travis live in Santa Monica, CA with their two boys. They love a good road trip.

  • Jason Palmer
    The Sandbox

    Jason hails from Colorado, but has long called SoCal his home. After years of countless shenanigans, Jason recently responded to the call of discipleship and is currently “wandering in the wilderness” as He seeks intimacy with Jesus and the freedom that comes from being beloved by Him. If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, a comforting shoulder, or a crazy voice, he’s your guy.

  • Rebekah Touma

    Bekah is a rare native of Santa Monica. She is an advocate for fully experiencing the beauty of God in all things. You'll usually find her sharing life with the Risen Church Westside community (often playing board games), crafting or watching a campy 1970's Sci-fi film.

  • Meredith Ainley
    Children's Ministry

    Originally from Arkansas, Meredith studied English Literature at Oxford University in the UK, earned a BA in English from Williams Baptist, and moved to Los Angeles in 2006. Now a settled Southern Californian, Meredith graduated with an MDiv from Fuller and has served on staff doing ministry in Los Angeles for almost a decade. She enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and listening to people’s life stories. She is passionate about children’s ministry, spiritual formation, and God's work around the globe.

  • Jens Madsen
    Worship/Music Director

    Jens (pronounced Yens) is our resident Canadian who likes making soup and playing hockey. He loves Jesus, and desires more than anything to help people expand and understand the most intimate and beautiful relationship they will ever know: the one with their Creator.