Our Elders join the Pastors in taking on the responsibility of praying and caring for the spiritual lives of our members.

  • Keith Carlson

    Keith is married to Amy and has four children. He became a Christian on a rock at a Young Life camp years ago, and hasn't looked back--or figured it out. He likes to climb stuff, explore stuff, read stuff, and talk to friends about stuff--especially if it involves that Rock.

  • Nathan Crow

    After growing up in a military family, Nathan is extremely happy to be able to call Santa Monica and Risen Church Westside his home. He knows that God desires to do amazing things in the lives and hearts of His people in LA and the world, and is grateful to be able to serve, love and draw for the Kingdom with his beautiful wife Jenny by his side.

  • Trevor DeBenning

    Trevor has been involved in various capacities of ministry for over 15 years. Prior to the launch of Risen Church Westside, Trevor was the founding pastor of Risen Church. Trevor graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary and he and his wife Amber have four children; Zoe, Moses, Dietrich, and Oliver. Trevor enjoys strong coffee, thick books, and telling the world about Jesus.

  • Matt Graves

    Matt is passionate about teaching and seeking justice for all residents of our city, he is currently working to support students and teachers across south Los Angeles. He loves reading a good book and misses the seasonal cold weather of the Midwest. Matt and his wife Elycia currently live in West Adams with their cat Bosley.

  • Timothy Jang

    Timothy grew up in the LA area but has lived in the Midwest and San Diego. His passion is to see people come to know Jesus and grow in the Spirit. His primary ministry focuses on spiritual formation and discipleship. He likes to rock climb, backpack, and hike.

  • David Oulashian

    David and his wonderful wife Carie live in El Segundo with their 3 kids. In summary: sinful, forgiven, and very thankful.

  • Vinod Pakianathan

    Vinod, Elaine, and their three children, have lived on the Westside of Los Angeles for more than twenty years. God continues to use heritage, life circumstance, and His church to mold Vinod’s heart for ministry. Serving in the church, he has been blessed to participate and work with the children’s ministry, small groups and hospitality. Participating in the lives of kids and adults as they grow in Christ is truly the joy of life. Vinod loves the outdoors, reading, and a good game of Table Tennis.

  • Wesley Turnbow

    Wesley was born in Long Beach and continues to live there with his wife, Michelle, and their 6 children. He runs a small family aerospace company. Since Wesley's youth, his desire has been to care for and to enjoy the local church. A passion for those sent by the church on mission has been added to this desire.

  • Kent Crawford

    Kent and his wife Joan have been married for 40 years. They have three children and four grandchildren. They are passionate about fostering the unity of the body of Christ and also offering a quality high school education to kids from all neighborhoods through Pacifica Christian High School.